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When you’re a pro wrestling fan, you unfortunately, get used to the fact that the performers you idolized as a kid pass away at an unusually high rate. It’s sad at first, but the truly depressing part is that we come to expect it, and begin to accept it as just another part of the business. Wrestlers die off at much higher rates than their NBA, MLB, or even NFL counter parts. 

Their jobs demand that they constantly put themselves in harm’s away, that they perform through painful injuries that would put anyone else out of commission for months. They do all of this, while having to endure the stigma from society at large that their jobs are “fake” or “phony” only because they follow elaborate scripts. Scripts that call for them to put their bodies through the sort of damage a multi-car accident sometimes cannot touch. Scripts that also fill arenas full of people, and fans watching on TV with excitement and awe. Scripts that also, unfortunately, cut their life spans down significantly. 

The list of dead wrestlers towers over any other professional athletics list. From the Brian Pillmans, to the Owen Harts, to the Eddie Guerreros, and most recently, the Randy Savages and, sadly, tonight, the Ultimate Warriors the list of dead wrestlers will only continue to grow.

Tonight we lost the Ultimate Warrior. His death was always a running hoax in the wrestling community, but now that he’s really gone, the ramifications of pro wrestling are at the forefront yet again. His cause of death is not yet known, but all signs point to a similar demise that befell the likes of Macho Man and Latino Heat. We should begin to consider how we view and appreciate these guys, and how much we can afford to let petty squabbles obscure their legacies and learn to appreciate what they do for us as fans (that many die with standing feuds in real life unresolved should serve as a reminder that we should learn to love and appreciate our friends around us, for even that, can come to an unexpectedly painful end.) 

Ultimate Warrior was fortunate enough to live through his Hall of Fame induction just a few days ago, but the same cannot be said for guys like Randy Savage, Eddie Guerrero, and Andre the Giant. The phrase “my favorite wrestler is dead” is becoming all too common. We should learn to appreciate them while we still have them. Pro wrestlers are the super heroes we know exist, and can actually meet in person, but they’re also the ones that will be gone before we know it, and we’ll only be left with their YouTube matches and posters.

RIP Ultimate Warrior and every other pro wrestler who gave up his life for the business, for the job, and for our imaginations to blossom as kids watching you in swapmeets and on TV.


I found this in my freezer. My roommate said he’s saving him until he needs to save the world.


I found this in my freezer. My roommate said he’s saving him until he needs to save the world.


sakafai (kamikame):

OMG! Incredible “extreme” cosplay called Merida by the model Tina Rybakova. Photo by Dasha Kond

 ”I need a bear for my cosplay. You need a what? A bear. 5 years, an exotic pet license, and 15,000 dollars later we get this. Dedication…”

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Lita’s so Hot!

Lita’s so Hot!

Lauren Cohan, stop being so damn hot. Please it hurts

Lauren Cohan, stop being so damn hot. Please it hurts


Boobs are pretty great all the time. Only a small handful of boobs are ever worthy of disdain, and those are weird Tarantinoverse boobs that are sinister and maladroit, like the ones on that lady in the tub from The Shining. Horror titties, basically. All other boobs are wonderful, and ladies, stop thinking that anything else is the case.
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I love Cammy

I love Cammy